Friday, 14 May 2010


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Thanks for your continuous support and I am so happy to see you again and again.

For those who have followed my other blog, they may know that I have embarked on my new venture recently, that is to discover new and unique things outside my house, so that you will be entertained. I have officially become a Technopreneur, whose intention is solely to create more new business opportunities. We would train more people to join our team to take the world to greater heights.

In this connection, I decided to put on record my discoveries during my journey so as to make this journey not only enriching, but also more exciting. At the same time to keep you all entertain as well. So stay tuned to this blog, you are rest assured to live a more meaningful and enriching live, as I do.

I journalize this event while I am waiting for my Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea) at the Old Town White Coffee. This serves as good news especially for those who want to have tea and at the same time accessing the internet. Alternatively, you may choose to have other drinks. However, this outlet seems to choose non-conventional way to include Tea Tarik.

Here, I decided to have Curry Egg Noodles (costs RM 7.90), which consists of  Egg Noodles, Fried Dumplings, BBQ Chicken, Bean Curd Puffs and Long Beans.

What really caught my attention is their new menu of Teh Tarik, it costs RM 2.80, and only made available between 3-6pm and 9 pm onwards ( It's Teh Tarik time). So, remember to check the time before you embark your journey there. So, take your time-out and reward yourself with such a delicious Teh Tarik, which will give you the kick at the end of the day. Then you will know why its a pull factor. See the photo and make your own conclusion. ( IN THE PROCESS)

For those who have tried, please let us know how you find the Teh Tarik, as your comment? Thank you for your kind participation.

For those who want to know as how the Teh Tarik was brewed. You may click at the title of article to make access to my preceding article on this particular issue.

What really astonishes me is that this outlet is so versatile and always enhance new products so as to fulfill their customer needs. Syabas to Old Town White Coffee. For those who have not heard about this white coffee and curious to find out whether its color is really white as its name suggested. 

Happy reading and see you again,

James Oh

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