Friday, 21 May 2010


Dear valued visitors,

After a long talk on Pu'er tea, perhaps it is time for me to detour to see some green. You may just click on the title of this post. Sit back and enjoy.

You may wonder why I show you some of Bongsai trees, which I photographed from the Singapore Chinese Garden. It is because Bongsai trees blend well with art of tea drinking.

This will not only add color to the environment, but also achieve tranquility. Just imagine having tea, and facing this garden full of Bangsai trees. Lots of Bongsai tree lovers display them at their tea corner of their house. This may give you some idea for preparing your tea corner, if you desire to have one.

Look at the photos of greenery, you will feel really relaxed after taring long at your desktop.

I will take some photos in my forthcoming posts so as to give you a view of my little tea corner, with some of decorating items to enhance the atmosphere.

See you again,

James Oh

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