Monday, 31 May 2010


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Almost everything evolves over time, similarly this rosewood tissue box. This contemporary item was created as a result of convenience. Prior to the invention of tissue papers, people use handkerchiefs instead. As the tissue papers came into the picture, the furniture producer also added this decorative item apart from serving its intended function.

The photos below  are taken from 4 different sides of this decorative tissue box. All painting displayed at each side represents one season of the year, i.e .spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Can anyone tells us specifically what season o the year each painting represent ? (see the photos below) 

Here, we hope you too are inspired by its craftsmanship, i.e. painting of the colourful Mother of Pearl. This craftsmanship is fine and of high quality, suitable for collection. This box is with me for a couple of years which I bought together with my rosewood display cabinet. It is of approximately of 8 inches of length, width and height.

There is a hole; of approximately 4 inches; at its top, which enable the user to pull out the tissue from the tissue box. The tissues are placed inside this tissue box by pulling out the tray from its bottom and place on top of its tray before pushing the tray back to its original position.(See photo)

I find this tissue box unique and it blends well with conventional and contemporary items which offers its user a new life. Imagine how meaningful your time will be when you display it at the centre of the table while having tea and some snacks with your loved ones. The tissue box  plays a role of serving its intended purpose. 

At the same time, it also add colours to the tea ceremony especially together with other tea accessories, unique tea cups and tea pots. These items may also become conversation topics amongst its participants. 

Before we end our discussion, may I be allowed to throw a question to the readers. What do the balls at the four corners represent or symbolise?

Thank you for your time and   I look forward to hearing from you,

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James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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