Thursday, 13 May 2010


Hi! Folks,

This is my first week on road show to reach out to my local community. As usual, I stationed myself at Old Town White Coffee, just opposite the Kolej Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. 

Whilst deciding on what drink I am going to have, I spotted something New from this outlet, i.e. different from my routine. At last, I decided to go for "cham" or literally in Hokkein (Chinese Dialect) coffee mix with tea.

For the benefits of some of my readers, please allow me to brief you on this issue. In fact, this is not something new to me. It has been a popular drink during my teenage years. Sounds weird to some of you. I recalled when I gave my answer of "MIX" to those air stewards when they approached me for my drink. They were stunned and usually repeated their initial question. When I answered with "Mixture of coffee and tea." Guess what their next question, via comment? I will tell you then if you are keen to know.

It is a well known fact that both coffee and tea have their individual characteristics. Both these commodities are traded internationally. May anyone of you tell me how much the trade per day involves?

Initially I thought these products are competing with each other and I also cut down my coffee intake and substitute it with either tea or sky juice (plain water). However, after serious thought, I now changed my view and accept them as supplementing each other. No wonder this outlet introduce "Cham" and tea tarik (Pulled) to its regular customers. Well done, OldTown White Coffee outlets. 

They brought new ideas, i.e non conventional way, to new beverage outlets so as to bring more benefits to its customers especially those who do not like routine drinks (like me). It also adds colours and variety to their lifestyle. This not only opens their mindsets, but also cultivates their creativity. Their evolvement over time well indicates this case in point. No wonder they are progressing and staying ahead. 

Another interesting point to note is they are tied up with our local bank (CIMB), as their anchor bank to pool their expertise together to serve their customers even better. They seem to know that their customers have daily busy schedules and do not have time to enjoy good white coffee. As such, they sneak in and stationed at the bank branch to provide both the banker's customers and their own loyal customers this wonderful and tasteful drink so as to refresh themselves. This shows that they not only care for their customers, but also share their drink expertise with the people so as to make the world more enjoyable.

In this connection, we, at tea art blog, also come in to promote all their services to the population at large. We also look forward to collaborate with these two parties to bring more benefits to our readers.

So, stay tuned with us for more exciting stories to come...

See you then.

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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