Monday, 10 May 2010


Hi! Valued Readers,

We are very excited to host our very first give away raw "Pu'er Tea" memorial event out of my own collection. This stock is with us for a couple of years. 

So, please forward me your particulars, via comment, so that we can forward you with such a gift and hope you enjoy this 2004 Raw Pu'er. This is a token of our appreciation for the support you have shown us as our loyal readers. 
You can see the above Pu'er is about 6 years old.

You may read its description at the link below:-

For your information, we have recovered all my investment costs with some profit, plus some stocks. Therefore, we are fortunate to have chance to enjoy our hobby yet get paid. Today, we offer for sale some of our stocks so as to raise more funds to acquire more resources to upgrade and improve our blog facilities so as to serve you better.

As you may be aware that we are also offering USD 30.00 for the winner who can come out with the logo and theme for our main blog at

WE are pleased to inform you that there are lots of initiatives in the pipeline for your reading and get paid scheme. So, stay tuned and happy reading.

If you wish, you may also click at the title of this article so as to guide you how to brew your Pu'er tea . We do it because we want you to get the best value of the tea from your own preparation. At the same time, we do hope you may acquire the skill and have lots of fun of doing it. 

Kindly let us know your taste and whether is it to your liking or not. You may email to us at or via comment.

I hope this will help you get your feet wet and enjoy the taste and aroma of it. Have a pleasant tea session and look forward to hearing from you.

If you wish to order from us, please email us. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further clarification.

Happy reading and get the rewards accordingly,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

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