Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Hi! My dearest readers,

This article we are going to share with on the above two little lovely yellow clay tea pots. One of these as shown above is of the bigger round shape lid with 4 Mandarin characters as " Round Moon surrounded with Good and lovely Flower" indicates a relaxed life in peaceful and harmonious environment.

Whereas its pot is also with a larger flat bottom compared to the other yellow clay pot which matches well with its lid. The lid sit well at the ledge of the pot which attracted my younger brother's attention, and he brought this good news to me. At that time, I instantly requested him to take me to see the mainland Chinese merchant, who came to my mother's usual market place to sell his handcraft.

Thank God. When I reached there, these two items still available. After serious inspection and  scrutiny of these two items, I bargained with him and at last he told these two pieces to me at a good price since he was leaving my country very soon.

The photo above shown these two pieces, with the lid being removed and placed at their sides, which I bought from the mainland Chinese merchant. You can see clearly the differences between these two pieces despite both look alike, but their sprouts are so much different from each other. The left sprout is of italics whereas the right one is of straight and sharper sprout.

As mentioned earlier, the lid of the left pot with a smaller lid compare with the one on the right. Both are of  round shape.

No doubt both had been engraved with lotus flowers; one is a big lotus flower whereas the other is smaller with three lotus flowers. One is with a bird, represent peaceful, joyful and harmonious environment. Whereas the other one is a gold fish and lotus flower which well reflect a fish flowing freely in an environment of peace, joy and surrounded by lotus flower.

The Chinese characters on its pots and lids are also different. The meaning of its Chinese characters on the smaller lid well reflects the pots wide spread to every part of the world, without any boundary and limitation.

Look closely at "Mark Chop" at the bottom of both the pots closely. You will realise that both pots are made by different potters, which I initially thought was the same potter. However, I have no regret in buying both of them. I have kept them easily for more than five years and I will keep them in the near future.

We hope by now you will appreciate each and every pot which I have displayed with short description. We find each one has its own meaning and its unique crafting is very pleasing to our eyes and soul.

No wonder, every participant can enjoy every moment of the sip of the tea of his preferences. Together surrounded by the beauty of the pots, cups, bowls, trays and all types of accessories which we have shown you in our preceding articles. Perhaps, you should close your eyes and imagine all these items displayed in front of you and you are surrounded by your loved ones. Each one of you is sipping the tea slowly and you can see through their expression, the real full satisfaction of the tea that you have brewed for them. How wonderful and meaningful you will feel, especially from the snap shot of that particular moment.

Folks, what are you waiting for? Begin with some of these accessories and start to brew the tea. Take, the snap shot of that particular sweet moment become your goal/ end. Keep moving and let us know your experience.

Thank you and look forward to hear your experience both new or existing ones.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

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