Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Dear my friends,

The above teapot is a product of the maker's applied art. It was made after much thoughts, 
modifications and hard work before we see it as it is today. We would say that the
design is more inclined to practical know how and its design serves more than for 
its intended purpose - it pours well to tea cups or tea bowls. You can also see 
everything in it - the tea must pour out smoothly from the pot if it is well designed 
and crafted. To make it collectible, it must look good and feel good with its 
ownership. To achieve these effects, everything counts - be it the shape, style, 
type of clay, the skill and experience of the maker.

This tea pot is of pumpkin shape. Its lid comprise of lotus flowers with a frog 
resting on top - indicates peace and harmony; surrounded by the lotus flowers. 
Each flower consists of one tiny stone, which is freely moving around as you 
shake the lid. Thus producing such a chilling natural sound which may add 
colour to your environment of having tea with your loved ones.

Its clay is so much different from the normal ones - mixed with red, yellow clay
and others and after firing in the kilns that produce different colors. Now, you 
are able to appreciate how creative is the artist's work, who is so skillful in 
engraving the clay till it is so adorable. 

Look at its handle, it is not only bigger than the normal ones with a few rings
along its handle so as to give the user a better grip, at the same time, it supports
well the pot with its weight and content together with hot water - the art of 
balance is equally important here. Hence, you can see that it must be functionable, 
as it may be used frequently if not daily.

It comes with a big spout and hole - suitable for Puer tea which is of bigger tea 
leaves. The pot is of bigger capacity and the pu'er tea leaves will expand much 
more in hot water when compare with other tea leaves. Its spout at the very 
bottom of the pot makes it much easier to pour out the tea. 

No wonder in recent years there has been an increase in admiration of these 
unique teapots. Consequently, its price has increased tremendously from a few
dollars to thousands of dollars for a single pot. And with this increase in value, 
more talented artists are attracted to this trade and quality and the craftmanship
are also enhanced. Hence, more scrutiny and quality control is imposed on 
every pot. 
Those rejected will then be smashed once they are out from the kiln. The 
makers, especially famous ones are very proud of their products and you can see
their maker's mark ("Chop Mark") at the bottom of each pot of their 
production. This seal authenticates the work.The seal is chosen by the maker 
with great care - sort of self image for them. Most of the famous potters have 
their seal from a well known engraver and the chosen characters of the seal are
cut in stone. 

You may agree with us that the pot can reveal most of the maker's preference 
and liking. Some potters prefer a little spout, some go for a heavy handle. Some reproduce 
trunks and knotty branches. Others have exquisite engravings of ratan 
or leaves. Each artist usually produces what he or she likes best. Each pot is 
represented by their individual thoughts and represented the best of what he or 
she thinks at the time of making.

Similarly, each pot has its own beauty and characteristics depending on its 
beholders. Here, you may say that its beauty in green clay is good for the mind
and eyes. It will mould the sentiments, foster temperament, and improve health
of its beholders.

In other words, to be happy and successful you should drink tea brewed in 
such a great product such as the above green clay of teapot.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

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