Thursday, 17 June 2010


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In Malaysia, snacks such as Chinese Tea Eggs are very commonly available in most  tea shops or some Chinese conventional medical shops especially in major cities. Now, they are also available in shopping mall especially with high number of  Chinese shoppers. The aroma is so strong that you can smell  it from far as the seller may keep heating them up. 

For lunch, in addition to other light meals such as noodle apart from  tea.

Tea eggs, stewed in a black tea/soy sauce/spice blend, are  ubiquitous and cheap snacks sold  in major cities around Malaysia. They're also easy to make at home. Getting the marbling effect is as simple as cracking the egg once it's partially or well cooked. You can use any black tea, or Pu'er for an earthier taste. (Green tea is too astringent to use for tea eggs.) The eggs can be simmered for 1 to 3 hours; longer simmering means a more intense flavor and color.
Once the eggs are cooked, you can eat them hot or cold as a snack. Alternatively you may serve them as appetizers at a party, cut in half with caviar on top. Or even take them on your next hiking trip.
Simple yet delicious and you may add this item into your meal whenever you like it. Rich in nutrition and yet delicious in taste, try it out and share  with us your experience.
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