Friday, 18 June 2010


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Today,we are going to touch on the history of how the tea shops/house begin in Malaysia. These tea shops/house in Malaysia began in the early seventies. Just about a dozen people from all walks of life, dedicated to the tea culture, began to promote tea culture in Malaysia. They allowed people of all ethnic groups from all over the country to enjoy quality tea by complying to the tea culture, which cultivates good values such as patience, concentration, harmony and a peaceful environment.

The Kuala Lumpur Tea Art Society, Malaysia was finally established and approved by the Registrar of  Societies Malaysia in early December 1998. This is the result of more than a year of planning and preparation and since then it started to grow.

Southern Chinese Tea Ceremony 3

The Mission of the Association is to promote the tea culture amongst Malaysians. They also constantly organise activities and programmes such as, tea pot art lectures and tea exchange programs both domestically and in foreign countries especially China to explore the concept of tea culture, tea art training and curriculum.

For those who have the passion to acquire this skills and knowledge are always encouraged to join this association.

For other parts of the world, you may join such association in your own country. They are more than happy to train any foreigners to acquire this skill and knowledge.

Here, we always believe that we can only progress through sharing.

Hope you find this article useful and meaningful.

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