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In my preceding article, you may be aware of my recent fruitful trip back to my home town in Penang. As a result, several articles were written especially on Dr Sun Yet Sen's museum.  I had to run up and down taking photos of those interesting places I visited and to blog out at the end of the day. At the same time, I also collected some reading materials on those tourist areas which I have visited to promote my hometown, which was left far behind for the last couple of decades. Now, it is the time for me to pay back to the state I belong to.

With so much activities, yet I did not feel tired. From my face, you may feel that I have lots of energy to carry out other activities I planned much earlier. I even wrote till 4.00 am at several places, like McDonald (Hamilton road) and Papa Rich (EGate) in Penang and follow up with several of my former classmates and some new friends while I was surfing the net at that place.

With such a hectic time, I still managed to steal some time out from my busy schedule for my lunch at my usual Chinese tea house at QingHuan Chinese Tea House. See the photos below and find out what I had for my lunch. The photos taken after I have taken one Tea Egg and one of the little buns out of three in a set that I had ordered. Then only I became aware that I can take the photos for my tea blog.

That's the reason you don't have a chance to see the entire food range  I had for my lunch. Before I forget, I must let you know that one thing you should not miss at this tea house is its signature dish of lotus rice, rich in content with mushroom, pork, sausage and etc. Really delicious and this is one of the best lotus rice I have tried. Here, can someone tells me where to get the best lotus rice in PJ, KL or Penang?

Hope you like the above photos. Please record down in your diary and pay the tea house a visit whenever you have opportunity to do so. You can be rest assured that you won't regret it.

You may see that the environment is so pleasant and I can even work through out my lunch because I can't resist with so many inspirations flooding my mind that I do not have enough hands to write down all of them. In fact, all those articles you have read the last few days are the products from there and this one as well.

This is totally unexpected from my initial thought when I began my venture in the blogging sphere. At that time, I must confess that I was so worried that I ran out of ideas to write articles continuously. But today, what you see is totally different.

That's all for this time and seeing you again,

James Oh

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