Sunday, 18 September 2011


Firstly let me express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Parang Desai, one of my Face Book (FB) contacts, for allowing me to use his beautiful quotation, below, on his FB wall, to write the article to its effect:-

"Life is Like Making Tea - Boil Your Ego, Evaporate Your Worries, Dilute Your Sorrows, Filter Your Mistakes and Get a Taste of Happiness."

Before I proceed to give my view on it, may I hear some of your views. Do you think that this statement is true? or is it myth? Let us know your views and your arguments to support your views for both answers. Thanks for your feedback. If you disagree with both the answers, then do let us know your views too. Do not have to worry because there is no right answer to it. You have the liberty to voice out your view here.

To kick start the ball rolling, I write to tell you how it really caught my immediate attention. This is because, the author have expressed its value so precisely, which I can't find anything not to agree with him. As you are well aware, TEA has impacted me so much. It enriches my live so much that it drives me to share with you its value through this blog. The name of this blog was chosen after my long and serious thought so as to suggest its KEY message.

As such, I must say that TEA, in nutshell, removed all my negative feelings and bring out its ultimate goal, Happiness, to me. I believe it can do the same to you, as it did to me. Happiness is all about your choice as life is a choice. It solely depends on its beholder. Here, may I obtain your permission to elaborate the 5 feelings stated above.


1.1 EGO

I rather classify ego as negative feeling because it blocks us from listening and learning from others no matter what. History has well demonstrated this crucial point that caused many MIGHTY persons to fall by their own destructive actions. By drinking tea, it boils your ego which removes all the barriers that enable you to think and listen relatively much better.


As we used to say worry will not add value to any issue. As such, why worry? If not check properly, your energy will be drained out unnecessarily. Alternatively, you should save this energy to search for its solution. Isn't it more logical for you to look for solutions and not worry about the issues? By drinking tea, it will evaporate your worries - So good as it says. Hope you too have this resultant feeling when you savour tea.


It is difficult to not feel sorrowful especially when something unfortunates happened. However, let us be mindful that we can't change history. For those, especially who know me long, are aware that I have suffered numerous bad incidents in the past and I made serious mistakes of feeling sorry for substantial long periods. It is very natural to have this feeling.

Let me share with you that it brought some bad experience for me. Not only bad for me, but the people surrounding me were also affected by this adverse impact as well. Now, these have moulded me to be forward looking and I keep moving forward. Therefore, I choose not to dwell with my past sorrows. So, by drinking tea it will dilute your sorrow. Have you experienced such feeling?


Let TEA be your mentor to filter your mistakes. It is true that you can learn from your OWN mistakes. But, the question is why not learnt from others and moreover it is always better to realise it before you commit it. By drinking tea, it could keep you cool and calm. As such, you are likely to make better and wiser decisions on the issues because you would have better thoughts.


For those who can get a taste of happiness from tea, please share with us how you achieve it. For me, the pure taste of tea coupled with its right ambience will give me the inner sensation - Happiness, which is far beyond words. Imagine when you have tea with like minded people, you will enjoy the beauty of nature and it will definitely give you the happiness you sought after.

Thanks and trust the above article is helpful to you. Please spread it to your contacts of friends so that they also enjoy its valuable benefits as described in the above quotation.

Look forward to seeing you again and your support is greatly appreciated.

James Oh

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