Tuesday, 1 November 2011


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Recently I came across the photo of "Tea C Special", which was so appealing when it was displayed on the table. I do not know why they named it such, despite it being more appropriately called as three layers tea. Dark tea at the bottom of the glass, milk in the middle, whereas the mixture of this two is at the top of the glass.

I tried and drank this tea several times in last couple of weeks whenever I have my lunch there. To me, it tasted well with rice, fried Koay Teow and Koay Teow soup. This may be due to the sweetness of the tea, which they had added sugar in it.

No wonder the poster of the tea comes with the slogan in mandarin as "Tea in mouth and Joy in heart." It describes well the significant joy this tea bring to human beings when you sip in this tea. I am not sure whether it is of western origin, as the way it prepares is more inclined to western style where milk and sugar are added in. Moreover, it was also added with ice cubes after it forms the three layers. To have clearer picture of it, I append a copy of its' photo for your viewing pleasure.

Only one size of the tea is sold and each glass costs RM 2.30. It appears to be reasonably priced. This is may be because the shop is from the outskirt of a Big town and is not very commonly found. If you come to this restaurant Maxis, opposite the Continental Workshop at Pekan Subang Perdana, please try it. If you have tasted, please don't forget to revert to us of your findings. Thanks for your feedback in advance.

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