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Tea culture refers to the methods of preparation of tea, the tools and accessories used to brew tea and the occasions in which tea is consumed. Naturally, this tea culture is very much different from one region to another. Even now, tea is consumed regularly, and not like the past where tea is used as traditional Chinese medicine and in Chinese cuisine.

In this article, we are going to have a quick tour about types of tea canisters and their usage.

Tea canister, designed in various shapes, materials and sizes, is used for store loose tea leaves. For all intents and purposes, it is meant to cater for multi-functions and roles. Its variety is to serve you better depending on your usage and preference.

There are basically several types made of different materials as follows:-

1. Yixing

Unglazed Yixing canister, made of undyed Yixing clay, is perfect for storing pu'er tea. It is made of natural clay, which is found only in the Yixing region of China, northwest of Shanghai. It reflects the natural color of the clay. Its porous nature allows the tea to breathe and develop to yield a great aroma and flavor. It is the optimal way to store loose tea, toucha, or tea bricks and tea cakes which have been loosened prior to drinking.

It is also very easy to wash by rinsing it with warm or hot water. Its history has about 1,000 years.


The stainless steel and acrylic tea canisters are equipped with an air-tight seal. The seal serves as a way to keep our tea freshness for months! These canisters feature acrylic windows, airtight acrylic clamp lids and silicone gaskets to ensure a tight seal.


To make that tea last for months, you may even store it in an air-tight ceramic tea canister! This canister comes with air-tight seal and a convenient easy-grip handle and scoop feature. It is also equipped with a metal clamp and silicone gasket, to ensure the freshness stays in.


This acrylic tea canister with a silicone gasket ensures an air-tight seal. It can be a very attractive container to store your tea!

Store your tea appropriately to preserve its freshness. Treat your friends and family to a relaxing, delicious afternoon tea party regularly! Life is fun.

So stay tuned and have fun together.

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Shaheen said...

This is so interesting! thanks for sharing :)

James Oh said...

Thanks for your positive feedback and hope that you too will take this up as one of your hobbies. Shaheen.