Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Dear Folks,

I intend to do it differently and I plan to play a funny game with you on TEA, which I need your kind participation so as to generate the vibration to this blog. I named this game as TEA game, which well reflect the nature of this game. It is simple, just think what tea can do for you and add it to the list, to form a poem of it.

TITLE OF THIS POEM - TEA is everything.

Tea not only quenchs your thirst,
Tea also keeps you warm,
Tea nourishes your bodies,
Tea keeps you awake,
Tea gives you energy,
Tea keeps you healthy and fit,
In short, Tea is more than a drink.

Tea gives you a good companion,
Tea glues you with others,
Tea helps you to build bridges,
Tea helps you to tear down walls,
Tea keeps you calm and courageous,
Tea fulfills every need of yours,
In short, Tea is a relationship.

Tea creates lots of economical activities,
Tea is used as hedging tools against inflation,
Tea was used as currency,
Tea fulfills your financial needs,
Tea creates business opportunities,
Tea is gold,
In short, Tea is wealth,

Thank you Tea,
Tea fulfills every parts of our lives,
Tea is health, wealth and relationship,
In short, tea is everything

Please keep adding to the above and make the list going and create a vibration TEA truly deserved.

Thanks and look forward to receiving your feedback.

James Oh

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