Monday, 7 March 2011


Hi ! Everyone.

 Big congratulation to you for coming to the blog talk about tea, which is second most HIGHLY consumed after water.

This article I decided to illustrate further how tea has been closely associated with our daily life. It has been widely recognized and accepted as one of the important beverage. Its dried tea also can be used as pillow, fertilizer and etc.

Today, my article is going to touch on tea essence shampoo. No doubt, tea has also been widely accepted as a nutritious product in my country, today it is also used to produce tea essence shampoo and is easily available in Malaysia. Perhaps you may find such products in your country. Please update us in the comment column provided below. Thanks.

This uniquely formulated shampoo, with the antioxidant properties of tea, especially Green and White tea essence is able to revitalize hair. Here, anyone would like to share your thoughts or experiences in this aspect. You are always more than welcome here. No doubts, there have been lots of scientific proofs of such properties found in tea leave. Not surprising that some of you may have read or be aware of it..

Append below please find such a product which are available in my country for your viewing pleasure.

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