Wednesday, 9 March 2011



Hi! Tea Folks,
The two all-time-favourite beverages from Starbucks, Green Tea Latte and Caramel Macchiato, caught me by surprise as it never strike my mind to have tea and its stuff at the Starbucks.

After further investigation, I found that the above two beverages have a lighter option -- Low Fat Green Tea Latte and Low Fat Caramel Macchiato,

The Low Fat Green Tea Latte is a lightly sweetened blend of high quality green tea powder from Japan with steamed low-fat milk and topped with foam, making it appears smooth and creamy. Please share with us your experience with both, if you have tried them out.
I was also made to understand that its’ Low Fat Caramel Macchiato which is sweet and buttery, is made with freshly steamed low-fat milk too. It is also layered with rich espresso and drizzled with Starbucks's signature caramel sauce.

This healthy and popular espresso beverage takes on a lighter dimension with low-fat milk as its formula, rather than the standard whole milk, specially caters for customers who prefer a less creamy beverage.
In addition to the above two low-fat milk beverages, Starbucks's new full-leaf teas are available in five different flavours -- Mint Blend, Chamomile Blend, Spearmint Green, English Breakfast and Earl Grey. It really pampers its customer with choices, so as to deliver their commitment of the highest quality beverages to support their lifestyle.
With the above introduction, I do hope you don't make the same mistake as I did. Just drop at its nearest outlets and try these new menus. Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks and seeing you again

James Oh

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