Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Gaiwan is not a reinvented tea brewing method

In my preceding article, I have discussed quite indepth on how this method reinvented tea brewing. To make it more fun, I decided to write an opposing view on today's article so as to enhance the readers' perspective.

In my preceding article, my argument that gaiwan reinvents tea brewing method because it makes the process much simpler and faster. However you should be mindful that this method  only applies to tender tea such as green tea. Hence, it has limited scope and application.

Due to the above limited scope and application,  it is more appropriate/ accurate that to say that it offers another brewing method to tea drinkers. Hence, it should be viewed as a compliment to other brewing methods rather than replacing them. In short, it adds more color to life, so to speak.

As such, it makes other brewing method relevant and applicable till date. With technological advancement, more varieties and methods are made available. Simply put,  you are more pampered with plenty of choices as it evolves through time. Greater challenges and excitement awaits  you if you choose to explore further.

By its simplicity and ease of use in nature, one may argue that it lacks kick; glory or fun in term of the activities involved. Be mindful that it has a great adverse impact on the economy as well. Today's world, everyone is more concerned on the sustainable economy rather than anything else.

Alternatively, you may also choose to stay the way you are in. Grab whatever opportunity that comes along. You may turn every situation to your favour so long as you are contented with. To do so, you need to be creative and innovative.

Once, you see the benefits, you should then act upon it, without any delay. Never wait until a right time for you to do so and I can assure you that the right time will not come.  

To share with you my initial experience when I begun my blog. I know, for sure that there is so much imperfectness and incompleteness. However, I chose to embark it first and tidy it whenever I have the time to do so.

Hope you enjoy reading it and have a fulfilling day,

James Oh

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