Saturday, 6 March 2010


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Green tea makes life easy. There are Green Tea teabags that comes with powder form, very suitable for the city folks who have hectic daily lifestyle. You may purchase it at any supermarket, Japanese  Tea Shops and virtual tea shops.

For the best brew, Japanese Green Tea should be steep in water that is boiling around 150-180° F for 1-4 minutes depending on the grade of the tea. You just take out one teabag and place it at a transparent glass cup before adding the appropriate boiling water into the cup and steep it for appropriate time frame. Thereafter, you will enjoy best brew quality green tea at your pleasure at your selected place.

For those who love high quality green tea, you may opt for Premium Green Tea teabags which are made of spring-to-early-summer selected young leaves. The use of early spring leaves together with the gentle processing give  rise to an outstanding taste without a trace of bitterness. The young leaves, after its harvest, are then steamed before being dried. This process is said to keep the abundant polyphenols from being destroyed, as opposed to the fermentation process used for black tea.

Generally, the Japanese Green Tea is a light and smooth tea. They are often used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The initial steaming step distinguish Japanese green tea from Chinese tea.

James Oh

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