Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The history and development of Menghai Country's tea industry

I have read about the article, on the tea history and development of tea industry, which I strongly believe that the tea lovers definitely find it interesting and useful.

These historical facts of tea industry may serve well as an educational program for the readers to know more in-depth about tea, which also inspire them further and ultimately they will eventually develop the passion to preserve both its historical value and cultural value.

In additional, it will make the art of tea more interesting and better still it may make it their daily conversation piece especially amongst the tea lovers. Further more, it is not only enriching their life, but also building up their relationship and fellowship amongst themselves.

So, cultivate this good and healthy culture for the benefits of the mankind.

The summary of the above article is as follows:-

a. Menghai country is a birthplace of Pu'er tea, an origin of Yunnan big leaf tea.

b. Its hsitory of grwoing tea can be traced back as far to the period of Three Kingdoms more than 1700 years ago.

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