Monday, 10 November 2008

Blogger's Notes

Welcome to htpp:// – enriching life blog.

We, at Art Of Tea Global Network, started this blog with the intention to produce educational workshops and programmes relating to art of tea. It also serve as a platform to exchange of tea knowledge, share about their own tea experience so as to enriching the beauty of art of tea. Our ultimate objective is to promote this healthy art to enrich our cultures and preserve this traditional culture for the benefits of everyone especially to tea lovers because of its benefits and value to the people.

We, distinguish ourselves from the other blogs. Art Of Tea Global Network Blog features a class of its own on the art itself as more inclined to educational materials and at the same time promoting more research and development to its usefulness for the benefits of everyone on earth.

We do appreciate every comment and feedback and view it seriously and adequately so as we are able to continually improve this blog. Also feel free to contact us if you have any interesting/aspiring events or materials that you would like to share with the world. We look forward to receiving your input.

Once again on behalf of everyone at Art Of Tea Global Network blog, welcome to the Art Of Tea Global Network blog. Please remember to leave your comment after your visit to this blog - Enriching life.

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