Monday, 18 February 2013



Very happy day, Everyone!

Hope you are excited with this good news. Perhaps some of you may know
that I have begun this tea blog, a couple of years ago.  Tea Art Blog
has a humble beginning and it started to spread its wing to cover
anything and everything on tea. I recall that I began this blog with
my own collections, follow by some investment in tea, tea utensils and
art works. Now, I have an idea to have photos of tea and its related
products from every city and country around the globe.

This is where you come in. If you send me pictures of your teas or the
ones you've photographed on the street or in a farm, I can feature
them on my blog with  a link to your blog, Book, Twitter, Facebook or
any other link you send me (I can also add a small description of your
book or blog). It's an easy way to bring some attention to the blog or
book of your choice and to accumulate incoming links.

If you're interested in being featured, you can send your  photos to with the message "Tea Art submission". Please
make sure it is a picture of reasonably good quality and other useful
information such as the city and country in which the picture was

With this, we hope we can play a role of enriching people life.
Betterment of the day begins from Now.

Looking forward to seeing your teas and its related products.

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Skype me at james.oh18

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