Sunday, 14 August 2011


Hi, folks,

Hope you guys were not get shock when I blogged on a political cartoonist, Mr. Zunar. You may click at the title of this article to make access to it. I never intend to offend anyone, but if there is any offence taken, I apologise for it.

Today, I like to share with you my purpose of doing so. First, I believe it blends well with tea. It can be used as our conversation topic, just like what is commonly happening in Malaysia's tea and coffee outlets. It is also another way of enhancing lives especially for those who have that passion.

Secondly, it adds humour to our conversation as this artist is great and is able to turn the current issues into a laughing stock and crafting a fortune for him, while defending the country he loves. He is not only brave, but also dare to voice out for the public interest. This is a very healthy attitude and need to be encouraged.

At times, it is a noble act and we need to give him due respect to express his views freely as provided in the constitution in this country, especially those matters that are of great interest to the public.

Another interesting point to note in regard to enjoying this comic while we savor our team is that this book is handy and we can just flick through it. It is so rich in content and you can be assured to grasp its key message without much thinking. I have read through more than one time and find it so lively and entertaining. At least, I can laugh it out, from the portion of taxes I have to bear, if it is really true.

And last but not least I urge the government to reconsider their decision and lift the ban on this comic. To me, it may not be deem as a threat to the nation. In fact, the government should encourage this free flow of expression so as to act a check and balance to the executive arm in any democratic country, so to speak. I strongly believe we are not going to go Myanmar's way of administration of their affairs, which we also joined other nations to condemn their acts.

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