Friday, 16 October 2009

Another piece for my tea corner from my recent trip in China

Dear my loving readers and visitors,

The above framed black and white hand painting which I bought from my recent trip in China and I find it meaningful and very pleasing to my eyes. Hope it does so to you as well.

The literary meaning of its Chinese Character is "happiness". I find it has a very significant meaning in everyone of our lives. Success without happiness is a failure. I bought this piece is for my future tea corner and I hope that I can hang it at the wall of my tea corner so as to remind my guests and I to seek happiness from our precious lives especially when we have our good tea times drinking our tea at that corner. Let tea be the tool to bridge us to the path of happiness through closer relationship with each others. Through tea, we also can cultivate good and healthy spirit of caring and loving each others. Trust it will also cement relationship through tea, which it has been done in the past.

The other mandarin characters of phrases also stipulated that happiness can cure aging, and prolong life. Now, you can see the great work done by this artist, who has well expressed his wisdom through every piece of his work, which I am greatly appreciated very much. He has been playing a great significant impact on human beings. His humble nature is well respected and your great support is greatly appreciated.

I strongly urge more people will have such a wisdom to create happiness for human beings so that everyone of us can contribute significantly towards healthy living for the real betterment of life.

Apart from the above significant function, this hand painting also can make a uniquely culture statement for my home.

Below are the photo taken with the artist at the front of his shop at the old town in Shanghai. His contact number and his business card are also attached for your reference.

I do wish his dream of traveling to other parts of the world materialize in the near future. He told me can only do so after he obtain the proceed from the sale of all of his paintings and artworks that are still remained at his shop.

I have the honor to have taken photos with him and our handshake symbolize our friendship and happy conclusion of our deal.

The reason I share with you is that how wonderful life would be if we all are always seeking for real happiness at whatever we do. Live meaningful and respect others view - let this be the corner stone of our living principle.

Trust our future world will be much better of.

James Oh


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that "success" without happiness isn't real at all. Indeed, success is becoming happy, whether that includes much money, power, or fame, or not. But happiness is also the ability to accept feelings of sadness from time to time. --Teaternity

James Oh said...

Thanks for dropping by and share your wise thoughts here, Jason. You have added colors to this article.