Thursday, 14 May 2009

My Great Appreciation for the Award

Dear my loving readers,

I write this post to record my appreciation for awards given by Linda of Psyche Connections. I too love getting awards! Big thanks to Linda.

Below are the reasons as to why I love blogging:-

1. given me an incredible opportunity to "meet" such creative and talented people. As you may aware that I have many hobbies and interests - I love the diversity and I have and am learning an incredible amount about, from people.......Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your ideas and the heart of who you are through your blogs.

2. share our talents, knowledge, interests, creative works, experience so as to strengthen our friendships.

3. To impart our specialists knowledge for the betterment of the world.

4. To share the beauty of our arts and culture so as to enhance mutual understanding and color to our lives.

5. To encourage, inspire and motivate each other so as everyone can achieve greater success in whatsoever they endavour.

A gift for every reader....Please take this one away with you...The One Lovely Blog Award..... Thank you for enriching my life with your blog!

Thank you Linda!
Please check out Linda's lovely award that I received recently. It has a vintage feel that I really enjoy and I am looking forward to posting it today.

I love reading Linda's blog. I find inspiration there every time I go. Check out her writing and here thoughts about life and spirit. Just click the title of the post to make access to her blog.

Cheers and have a lovely day,


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