Sunday, 8 July 2012


                                                             A PERFECT MATCH

Hi my lovely friends,

Dumpling festival was just over not long ago and trusted that you had a wonderful time during this festival. We believe some of you may have tried various sizes, shapes and types of dumplings, which can be easily obtained in my home country. This is at no exception to me and my family, especially since my eldest son had just come back from overseas this year and had missed this food very much.

As a result, this festival was given special extra attention this year. Dumpling, as photo above, is very much fulfilling to the stomach and it struck my mind as to what is best to go with it so as to ease the digestion. This led me to think of tea.

Do you agree with us that Tea is the perfect fix for such an effective role? We believe many of you may nod your heads in agreement with the title above. Having said so, it is also adviseable for you to continue to read the passage below and perhaps you may add in some convincing points to make this article even more interesting at the end of the day. Alternatively it may turn this to be a lively discussion topic at the comment column provided below. Whichever way it goes, we should make it as an useful platform for our exploration and development. Thanks for your kind participation in advance.

Before we proceed further, we would also like to highlight the well known fact about tea and its digestive properties. That's why you may see some decorators like to pair them with dumpling as a perfect match. We are deeply glad to find such a decoration became the lime light in the recent dumpling making and decoration competition camp held at the Batu Pahat Chin Kang Association.

The annual event held there was much more special this year, in the sense that it is the first time they brought in the single mothers. Besides that, they are also promoting this Chinese traditional culture to the community and celebrate the festival with others, especially the needy ones. We were told that this camp was divided into 2 categories - dumpling making class and dumpling decorating contest.

It was reported that there were some very positive and encouraging feedback from the participants. They found it very wonderful especially to have celebrated the festivity with mothers, who are learning together with their children as how to make dumplings, apart from having a fun, joy and excitement fulfilling activities.

No surprise at all that such a success will drive the association to hold more of such camp next year, such as bringing it to schools. We, of course, at tea art blog, are very glad to see this healthy and long preserved culture being maintained, but also spread further to the schools. Who knows, one day it can even turns to a cooking course, as more people can acquire such a skill either for a living or other purpose of their choices.

Thanks for your time and effort to read this article. Please spread it to your circle of friends if you find that it may enrich their lifestyle.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012



The above canister appears to me as a master piece, with lovely beautiful carving and painting. This old piece SEEMS to be easily more than two decades old judging from its outlook. However, its colours still shine as if it has just been painted. At once glance, it looks very stylish, impressive and prized ITEM that everyone is tempted to own. It is not a surprise to me that some collectors may spent hours to scrutinise every part of its work. Appreciate the owner can enlighten us in this aspect.

To know more about the canister, please click the link below.

From the above photo, it indicates that it is more than just an ordinary container of tea leaves. Its design and functional features such as air tightness has more to tell. It can also be used as decorative items and displayed in any living hall. Just imagine how its beauty can transform the environment to be more lively and inspiring. It serves as your conversation topic especially when your special guests or visitors ponder about it.

What really matters to us is that the maker's devotion, skills and passion of making such an adorable piece of art work earns our profound gratitude. It makes us wonder and ponder how great are the power of our imagination and knowledge that make things happen. If you scrutinise it more deeply, you may discover how deep and detail the maker has given his thought to each and every part of his creation. As such, it gives us an insight of his details of his effort in crafting such a creative masterpiece. Every curve, edge and brush is equally significant to its maker. How long do you think the maker needs to acquire such a caliber skill, apart from having the passion, determination and patience that drove him to produce such a perfect piece.

Here, we can safely infer that without passion, skill and appropriate attitude, then it is not possible to make it a reality. Of course, without saying if it is so easy, then everyone will then make it. So, what's a big deal then?

To make it a high value item, needless to say we need to sacrifice and undertake tedious yet painful processes so as to sharpen our skills. To make things happen, we need to have a strong desire to acquire the skill and determination to overcome whatsoever challenges we may have to face.

Therefore, it may be appropriate to sum up that every success has its painful story, so to speak. So, if you face any storm in any of your endeavour, please have faith and believe in yourself that you are able to overcome it. Be mindful that you are essentially right, i.e. if you think otherwise.!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920